Saturday, 6 March 2010

booked volks show tickets

Got tickets for the Volks world show at Sanddown park, Esher, dub going in for service tuesday, a few minor adjustments and will be ready for her first big trip of the dream !!.
Bo Jangles

the pick up home

after rushing round at work, dashing to the train station, me, Judds and Shannon crambed on a train like sardines off to pick the Dub up and bring her to her new home .
Off we go handed the money over and dub was officially ours. Trundling down the A380, me taking a long time to get used to the driving of this machine, we decided to stop at a pub near home. Judds and Shannon went in leaving me to lock up. Locked all doors except my door. Turned the key, pulled key out but along with the key barrell, this with judds window not working and can only get in from the outside got me worried but hey, 38 year old vehicle what more do you want !!. All adds to the fun and character !!
Bo Jangles.

dream was born

Having viewed the gremin, judds liked it and it was bought. Finally fate had taken its course and now picking it up end of week.

gremlin dubbie

After driving past two campers on way home from dropping juddy off at work, with enthusiasm at a low due to the past probs associated with finding one I decided to pop into sainsbury's to get the latest camper mag. Did n't have one so browsed through the auto trader, and there she was, a 1971 californian import westfalia bay camper called the gremlin.
Viewed it that day and was pretty good.

the gremlin dub


No joke!! we had a very lucky escape!!we found out that the vw we had been let down on, had been in a false sale ! there was never, that van! we decided that evening, there was unlikely to be a van for us!.
However mr B.J said, lets give it two weeks , and if we find a VW in two weeks locally ,then its fate!!
With absolutely no hope in my heart! and feeling soooo deflated, and a real feeling of no interest in the idea, i went to work!.

oh dear what an Arse !!

Not the best of starts this seller clearly had no spirit and I was deflated big time. Could not believe I was treated this way as thought "Dubbers" where the salt of the earth as I was told !. Now in a foul mood I found myself driving round Bristol Bah Bah Bah!, dosey people nearly crashing into my car, could not find my way out of this awfull city and came to the conclusion all these people where Mutants from another planet and have trapped me with no way out !. Having finally found the M5 Southwest, pedal to the metal back home rushing to see a Vw Importer and see what he had to offer !

Bo Jangles.


Wide awake and ready to see our perfick Mr VW!!.

So off we went with happiness in our souls, to see our happy van!!* ooh yey* seemed our favorite words of the day.

And then Mr Bo Jangles mobile phone rang!, as Mr BJ was driving , i answered.

"yes its juds here we are nearly there" was the seller of the van!!

Reply was......................"the van is sold".

Oh hell , we had been driving for nearly two hours!!!!...............................and to be honest we were annoyed that ,we had been let down by people whom we thought had *spirit*, and actually spent the rest of the day feeling, that vwcampers was not for us!

Found one !!

This day brought new hope !!. Found one at the right price and had the works on it, full electrics, awning, heater, and was a 1972 moonraker conversion for £8500. Having rung the advertiser and much to my belief it was still for sale!. I arranged a viewing for the weekend and asked to have first refusal if he had other interest. Appointment booked for the Saturday at one o'clock travelling 90 miles to see it. Here we go !

Bo Jangles.

the mission of Bo Jangles

Having sought advice from people in the know obtained through good old volksworld camper mags and contacts from a friend I sought of knew what to look for.

During my search had found three really good ones and after ringing them they had already been sold!. The search had taken its toll on my sleep as was burning the computer out until early hours resuming my search for the illusive camper.

Bo Jangles.

How it all began! Bo jangles !!

Following this cold trip to the beach and having been surprised at Juddy's idea of a VW Camper van the search was on!. This interest had always been in our minds following alot of birthdays and christmas's recieving "dub" money ornaments and the good old "Dubbie" egg holders!!.

So here I go spending two weeks solid searching for this vw camper.

Boy oh boy how I did not realise how harder task this would be!. Too expensive, too rusty, and all the ones that looked good where snapped up the moment they where advertised!!.

How it all began!! @@

On one wintery cold sunday, my partner Mr Bo jangles as i call him, decided to take us on an afternoon jaunt to Exmouth,* us* being Juddy and Shannon!! to give the woof a run on the beach!!...........I was not in a good mood, and fleetingly stated how i would soooooooo love to put me and Raggy the cat in a VW camper and off we go on an adventure!, at this point may i say we did not have a camper!.

A few minuites later it was decided!! , when we got home we were going to look up vw camper vans on the net !! and just *see* what it was all about. Juds x