Monday, 27 September 2010

Project Humpty Dumpty

So, now we know enough, our van in our eyes was a great choice ,the engine is good, the bodywork is good, we have had a great year and a fab time.

However, someone, somewhere is guilty of ripping out the original interior and did a *Harry Leigh* this is the name of my grandfather god bless him. The grandad who believed that just because he owned a vice he thought he could make and mend anything. Everything was bodged and taped together and painted an uneaven and thus Harry Leigh'd.

Well yes two kitchen cubhoards and bathroom blinds in a campervan is just wrong, i am glad we bought this van from this man as i hate to think what else he might have done.

Our original plan was to wait a while and get a brand new plush interior, but whilst this is good for some, we went off the idea and decided to restore the interior , into her original form, with original units.

So here we have project Humpty Dumpty, trying to put Florence back together again.

We are told we have very little chance of finding all the original interior, well watch out Bo Jangles is on the case in a big way. Just watch this space.