Saturday, 8 January 2011


Life is too busy, and life is full of surprises........ as i look back over 2010 i have great memories that stand clear in my mind, of course the brilliant idea of our first camper van and all of the places we have visited and Florence has happily taken us, with one turn of the key a little bit of a warm up off we have gone off with that lovely unmistakable engine sound.

The next surprise was to find out that i was pregnant, a few "oh my gods " when i saw a those two blue lines and a lot of pacing around turned into a lovely exciting time ahead, we are both delighted if not a little shocked to begin with, babykins will be born in May.

By the time our first 12 week scan had arrived we had decided on the adaptions we needed to make to the camper van to enable us to have a baby friendly camper van, we seemed to have that all sorted in our minds before the babies nursery!!

However with all of the excitement and planning and straightforwardness of it all, we attended our first scan together, that first vision of your baby is magical and quite amazing, a complete gift and to see it move,well, i was mesmerized.

Not long after the scan we were taken into a room told by a senior lead midwife that our baby had shown some abnormality and needed further tests, and i would see the consultant obstetrician the very next day. This we had not expected, not for a moment, and i honestly thought it would all turn out to be perfectly normal.

Following a special test a C.V.S and three days wait, we were attended our follow up appointment, and put in that horrible but comfortable non-clinical 'bad news room' (as i called it) that our baby had Downs syndrome.

I was relieved, i was relieved because i was scared that i was going to be told our baby was never going to live, and that baby had a very serious illness and would never make it, there and then we were offered and refused termination thank you very much ,and instead given a lot of leaflets on Downs syndrome, i saw a picture of a child with the characteristic Downs syndrome 'look' and realised i had a lot to sort out in my mind.

Well as i sit here today i am 20 weeks pregnant and happily so, i decided one thing shortly after our news that i had two ways to cope with this either to be a complete misery or simply to be positive, so hence i am positive.

We are gifted with a very special baby, and i may be capable of a lot but changing chromosomes i have not mastered yet!!! And so be it, i am however capable of giving unconditional love to this baby and without a doubt i know that Bo Jangles will too, I am sure baby will in time love camper vans too!!!

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